November 29, 2007

Oil Pipeline Industry Expands Ethanol R&D

The Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL) recently announced that an expansion of ongoing research into the feasibility of transporting ethanol blends up to E20 through existing pipelines.

The thing that strikes me about this is that it now seems that all the statements we have heard back in the past about ethanol not being compatible with existing pipelines were made before any testing was done. In the press release it says that initial results are expected in 12-18 months and at that time we may learn that the whole pipeline issue has been just another bit of misinformation levied against ethanol.

Oil Pipeline Industry Expands Ethanol R&D

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American Biofuels said...

Good point mus302: That no ethanol in pipelines story was way over hyped.

It is probably true that the old gas pipelines have there share of crude that has built over the years. Adding ethanol to the mix would no doubt break this up.

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