April 05, 2008

Iran Disapproves Of Biofuels

Iran disapproves of biofuels including ethanol in the USA couple of years back I ran across this article with this quote by a member of OPEC.

"Our competitors, the alternative energy providers, are intensively pursuing research programs aimed at reducing the domination of oil and gas in the global energy market," Abdullah Salatt, Qatar's representative to OPEC, said. "Likewise, we should have our own independent programs."

Ever since then, I have been interested in anything I see coming out of OPEC member states that references biofuels in any way. Today, this article appeared in the Tehran Times, and it had some noteworthy quotes in it.

After the War, oil became cheap in the Middle East causing decline in biofuel production but while the global oil market encountered recession in 1973 and 1979 this created new interest in biofuel production.

I thought that was funny, what we call an embargo they call a recession in the global oil market.

The US will cut its 75% fuel import by 2025 through biofuel production.

Wish that were true. They seem to be a little off on, well, most of their numbers.

Environmental and human rights organizations in different countries have voiced protests against biofuel production affecting food security. Similar protests are being echoed also in Bangladesh. With the conscious global society we may also have to realize that biofuel production is a 'crime committed against humanity'. And with the global conscience, we may also have to stay alert and vigilant against it.

Being an oil exporting country, their dislike for biofuels is understandable. But to pull together pieces of misinformation and cherry picked facts so that they can appear to represent the voice of the global conscience is laughable.

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