August 27, 2008

Long Term Biodiesel Study Results To Date Positive

In an earlier post, I wrote about a long term biodiesel study that was underway called the Two Million Mile Haul. The Two Million Mile Haul is being conducted by Decker Truck Lines and the National Biodiesel Board along with other sponsors and is meant to demonstrate the effectiveness of B20 biodiesel for the over the road trucking industry.

The study is nearing completion with about 400,000 miles left. Results to date were released last week and showed positive results.

Data collected from each truck's electronic data recorder this summer shows fuel efficiency for the B20 blend comparable to that of petroleum diesel.

“In recent months, we have learned that driver variability makes more difference in fuel efficiency than biodiesel utilization does,” said Don Heck, coordinator of biotechnology and biofuels programs at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where Two Million Mile Haul test data are analyzed.

In addition to fuel efficiency data, the Two Million Mile Haul aims to demonstrate operability of a B20 blend year-round in cold weather situations. “Although both the petroleum and B20 groups experienced some fuel filter plugging in zero-degree Fahrenheit weather, the B20 trucks did not experience any considerable challenges because test partners implemented proper handling and storage measures,” said Grant Kimberley, Iowa Soybean Association director of market development. “If B20 can work for a fleet in the upper Midwest December through February, it can run in any fleet across the nation year-round.”

These findings mimic fuel efficiency test results released during the summer by the National Renewable Energy Lab and the National Biodiesel Board, showing comparable mileage between B20 and ULSD.

Source : Bulk Transporter

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