October 20, 2008

School District Celebrates 10 Years Of Biodiesel Use

The Medford, NJ school district celebrated 10 years of using biodiesel in it's school bus fleet. According to the release the Medford school district was the first school district to start using biodiesel. Now it is estimated that approximately 200 school districts use biodiesel.

According to Medford Township Public School System officials, over the past decade the district’s school buses have traveled more than 4 million miles, consumed more than 615,000 gallons of B20, displaced more than 123,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and eliminated 127,000 pounds of hazardous emissions and 428 pounds of particulate matter while reducing the overall cost of fleet operations by $80,000 a year.

My hat goes off to them for their willingness to pioneer the early use of biodiesel.

Source : National Biodiesel Board

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