November 09, 2008

Wind Energy Doesn't Save Anything On Carbon Emissions?

A few days back I noticed an article on the fight being waged by a group of residents to stop a wind energy project from being developed in their area. One of the comments got me thinking.

Lorrie Gillis, the group's spokesperson, said members are also questioning the economic feasibility of turbines, which "don't save anything on carbon emissions," nor have they lead to the closure of any coal burning generating plants.

Saying that a technology doesn't save anything on carbon emissions seems to be the modern equivalent to the Salem witch trials. Anyone that is opposed to a certain technology makes that claim. The claim has been made against ethanol and biodiesel and now wind. I bet that if I were to look around I could find someone making the same claims about every form of alternative energy.

Source : Manvers Wind Concerns

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