April 29, 2010

Ohio Ferry Service Goes Green With Biodiesel

Miller Boat Line is taking a bold step toward “greening up” its ferry service to Put-in-Bay this season. The company has begun using a 10-20 percent biodiesel mix in one of its passenger vessels, the William Market, and has plans to eventually use it in all four of its vessels. Miller Boat Line is one of the first passenger ferry services in the nation using this type of alternative fuel.

“As a family-owned business, we think about our kids with everything we do and we thought it was time to do something to protect the environment for future generations,” said Market. “This allows us to shrink our carbon footprint.”

Using biodiesel costs the company more than traditional diesel. However, the ferry service is keeping its fares the same. In addition, Miller Boat Line has made a dedicated effort to support other Ohio businesses in this effort by using locally-grown soybeans and choosing a local biodiesel supplier.

The fuel, known as G2 diesel, is made primarily from soybean oil and ethanol and has a distinctly different aroma than traditional diesel when burned; some say it smells like French fries or butterscotch.

Using biodiesel will not affect the speed of the vessel. The fuel will result in a cleaner burning engine, less pollution, and better lubricity of the internal parts in the engine which, in turn, will provide more engine hours between rebuilds.

Early feedback on the new fuel from tourists has been positive, said Market.

Miller Boat Line

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