May 19, 2010

Study Results Of The Effects Of Ethanol On Classic Cars

In July 2008 Hagerty Insurance Agency initiated a study to determine the effects that gasoline blended with ethanol has on the fuel systems and engine components of classic automobiles. Hagerty Insurance, a major insurer of classic cars, enlisted Kettering University to carry out the study.

Somehow I missed when the study results were announced in September 2009 but since I have been following this since the beginning I wanted to make sure to post the results as well.

The study results were mostly positive.

To summarize, after 1,500 hours of testing (nearly twice the industry standard for such a test) fuel lines didn’t leak, carburetors didn’t disintegrate and fuel pumps did not fail. Although the study showed minor build up and corrosion in the carburetors and fuel pumps while using E10 as opposed to E0, the general consensus is that with minor updates and proper maintenance E10 will not prevent the ability to enjoy your collector car.

Source : Hagerty Press Release

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