July 27, 2010

Gilbarco Ethanol Blender Pumps Receive UL Certification

Following the June 24 announcement, UL has now extended the UL Listing to include Gilbarco Encore blenders with the flexible fuel option. These additional six models are among the first to be approved to blend mid-level ethanol/gasoline products containing up to 85% ethanol. A total of 22 Gilbarco dispenser configurations (blenders and MPDs) are now approved for use with fuels up to E85.

“Retailers want highly reliable dispensers that offer the ability to blend and dispense multiple products through each fueling position,” said Chad Johnson, marketing manager for Encore dispensers at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. “The Encore series flexible fuel dispensers help retailers meet demand for higher Ethanol fuel blends and offers the opportunity for blender of record tax incentives as well.”

The Encore S and Encore 300 dispenser models now UL Listed for use with E85 with the Flexible Fuel option include:

* X + 0 Blender (on the X hoses)
* X + 1 Blender (on the X hoses)
* Multi-Hose MPDs
* Single Hose MPD +1 (on the +1 hose)
* Blender dispenser +1 (on the +1 hose)
* Multi-Hose +1 Blender dispensers (on the +1 hose)

Source : Press Release

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