February 18, 2011

E Energy Adams Ethanol Plant Adds A Third Cellunator™ Unit

EdeniQ, Inc. announced that it has concluded an agreement to install a third Cellunator device at E Energy Adams, a 50 MGPY (million gallon per year) corn ethanol plant in Adams, Nebraska.

EdeniQ’s Cellunator is an advanced, industrial‐grade milling device that cost effectively reduces the average particle size of milled corn without increasing fines (small particles) that can foul downstream processes.

“We’ve been using two Cellunators to process two‐thirds of our slurry for just over a year now,” said E Energy Adams plant manager, Robert Miller. “The Cellunators are durable, affordable, and have produced excellent results. While every operator knows it is difficult to measure yields day‐to‐day, over the long haul we can attribute at least a 3 percent yield improvement to the Cellunators. We’ve decided to add a third Cellunator so that we can process 100 percent of our feed. This should generate increases in excess of 4 percent.”

“In a business where inputs and outputs are highly volatile, the Cellunator enhances our operational flexibility,” said E Energy Adams CEO Carl Sitzmann. “When corn prices spike, we use the Cellunator to back down on the amount of corn we buy without decreasing production. When corn is low, we use the Cellunator to help push more starch through the plant and make substantially more ethanol. In short, the Cellunator helps us maximize revenue and/or control costs depending upon what market conditions dictate.”

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