April 15, 2011

Advanced Biofuels Leader Tells Senate Committee That Consistency Is Key

A consistent commitment by Congress that avoids the ups and downs of public opinion will be crucial to the success of transforming America's energy policy to cleaner and renewable sources, that's what Michael McAdams, president of the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA), told members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee at a hearing on Capitol Hill this morning.

McAdams testified at the Committee's Oversight Hearing on Domestic Renewable Fuels: From Ethanol to Advanced Biofuels and told its members, "I urge you to reject the naysayers on advanced biofuels. They simply are not telling you the truth. These fuels are real, some are here today, and more are on the way."

McAdams testified, "We now have several new plants operating both in the United States and around the world which are producing advanced drop-in biofuels.  These plants are making renewable fuels for the first time, and can be used without changes to the transportation fleet or requiring any infrastructure changes to deliver them."

McAdams shared success after success of ABFA companies readying their advanced technologies for commercial development and added, "These developments would simply not be occurring if it were not for the vision of this Committee and the Congress from 2005 to date to enact a framework to expedite the development of advanced and cellulosic biofuels."

But McAdams also cautioned senators that the federal government should not be picking winners and losers as the market matures, "Currently the EPA in their RIN certification process is showing a tendency to be very prescriptive and narrow in allowing some of the determinations of new qualified pathways as well as qualifying some significant potential feedstocks.  We would urge the Congress to stay closely engaged with the Agency on these determinations.  Many are moving forward at this time and could have a significant chilling effect if not resolved correctly."

McAdams testimony emphasized consistency in public policies, "Advanced and Cellulosic biofuels tax policy has been too inconsistent and is not tailored currently to provide parity or the right form of tax options to enable some companies to take advantage of the current law.  In addition, other sectors of the renewable energy sector were afforded provisions such as a refundable investment tax credit which were not afforded the biofuels industry."

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