June 12, 2011

New Tool Allows Solar System Owners To Share System Performance Data Via Facebook

SunReports has announced a new tool for solar system owners to share their system performance data with friends on Facebook. This marks the first time a monitoring company has provided the ability to publicly display and share system performance within the social network.

By creating a way for individual solar energy system performance to be shared via Facebook, SunReports allows individuals and businesses with solar systems to amplify the visibility of their solar installations, offers branding opportunities for solar manufacturers and installers, and facilitates global discussions about solar energy.

"Unfortunately, solar owners usually don't have much of a chance to talk about their solar energy systems with more than a few neighbors," said Thomas Dinkel, CEO of SunReports. "This tool changes that. Now, people can share – and yes, even show off  – their commitment to green energy with Facebook's 700 million users."

SunReports customers who opt into the Facebook tool can choose how frequently to post their energy data onto their Facebook Wall: daily, weekly, or monthly.  These "Energy Performance Updates" include energy equivalents to make their data more intuitive, for example equating solar energy created to miles driven in a car or tons of carbon dioxide emissions avoided.

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