January 15, 2014

MAPCO Express to offer E15 to Customers in 2014

LetterheadConvenience store operator MAPCO Express, Inc. announced today it will begin offering E15 to customers. E15, a combination of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, is to be included in new build and select mega store locations starting in 2014.

“MAPCO prides itself in being an innovative retailer that provides outstanding value to its customers. We have a long track record of offering new products to our customers and E15 fits in nicely with our current product line up,” stated Dan Gordon, Vice President of Business Development. “Ethanol based fuels have been a lower per gallon cost alternative over the past few years and this should allow us to offer our customers additional fuel options.”

After Department of Energy testing, E15 was approved in January 2011 by the Environmental Protection Agency for use with 2001 and newer vehicles. This fuel option will be offered at new MAPCO locations at all fueling dispensers, excluding diesel.

“Based on the performance of this product, our goal will be to add the E15 fuel option to our mega stores as we continue to increase the number of these locations in the future. Assuming a successful program, our goal is to have 100 stores offering E15,” added Gordon. “Our MAPCO MY Reward$ program and mobile app are both industry leading programs and we continue to lead by offering alternative fuels like E85, biodiesel and soon E15 to our customers.”

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