February 21, 2014

Iowa E85 Sales Set Record in 2013

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) announced today that Iowa’s E85 sales set a new record in 2013, according to Iowa Department of Revenue data. Total E85 sales in 2013 reached 10,854,117 gallons, up nearly 20 percent from 2012 and an increase of more than 130,000 gallons from the previous record in 2011.

E85 sales in Iowa finished strong in 2013 setting a fourth quarter record at 2,784,326 gallons, up more than 67 percent from fourth quarter 2012 and an increase of more than 700,000 gallons from the previous fourth quarter record in 2010.

“Record Iowa E85 sales prove the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is working as intended, and the EPA should not reverse course on the policy as they have proposed,” stated IRFA Policy Director Grant Menke.  “By choosing homegrown E85 at record levels, Iowans are saving more money at the pump, making our air healthier to breathe, helping to reduce our dependence on imported foreign oil, and boosting Iowa’s economy. E85 is currently being sold at more than a $1 discount to regular gasoline at the wholesale level, making for some very attractive E85 prices for consumers across the state. But for this trend of record E85 sales to continue, we need a strong and growing RFS.”

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