July 29, 2014

Granite State Biofuels Seeks Change Through Craft Brewed Independence from Petroleum

Granite State Biofuels, a community scale biodiesel producer of Bow NH has decided to employ a funding campaign on the increasingly popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo.com. During a period of turmoil and uncertainty regarding government policies and subsidies relating to alternatives to petroleum based fuels, it has become increasingly difficult for small producers to access capital. In the absence of stable policy many producers are scaling back their production and there is great risk to the broad and sustained success of the growing biodiesel industry.

The importance of exploring and supporting all options in our nation’s quest for freedom from foreign oil and reversing damaging environmental trends is known to many yet we are hampering solutions that can be created right here in our communities.

Granite State Biofuels is seeking to develop community activism in support of its efforts to bring a superior solution to environmentally damaging petroleum while simultaneously redistributing economic prosperity back to the local level. No other transport or energy fuel can so closely match its petroleum counterpart and return direct and immediate economic windfall to the community in which it was produced.

Big oil lobbying groups want people to remain unaware of the numerous benefits to locally produced energy sources. The opportunities presented by crowdfunding, which is made up primarily of like-minded and similar interest individuals can influence real grassroots level change even against the likes of the major lobbyists and mega oil companies.

GSB is seeking to inspire a young and motivated audience hungry for innovation and change similar to what has surfaced in many recent crowdfunding eco-campaigns such as the wildly successful Solar Roadways project also on Indoiegogo.com.

The change we will see in the future of Alternative Energy Economics will be populated with similar individuals to the bright young pioneers we have seen exploding across Internet Startups over the past decade. Innovation and passion are the critical ingredients to the type of change our security, environment and economy must have to evolve off our tremendous addiction to petroleum.

Since 2011 Granite State Biofuels, a woman–owned innovator in biodiesel production technologies has worked tirelessly to produce a very compact, highly efficient and distributable process for biodiesel production. The 3 Million Gallon per Year plant they have built fits into a tractor trailer and while not meant to be truly mobile it can be easily built, permitted and transported into communities to act as a local source of direct petroleum replacement fuels. This keeps costs of installation, production and distribution down by servicing the local areas from which raw materials are sourced and end product is consumed.

For more Information go to Indiegogo Campaign “Craft Brewed Biodiesel Independence from Petroleum” - http://bit.ly/1r6Guj2

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