February 15, 2008

Conclusions of recent land use studies disputed

Micheal Wang of the Argonne National Laboratory and Zia Haq of the Department of Energy have written a letter in response to the recent land use study disputing some of the assumptions used to form their conclusions.

Among the assumptions that they disputed are the incorrect land use models were used to model land use changes in the United States, Brazil, and China, that increased future corn yields weren't factored in, and that distillers grains weren't given the proper offsets.

Full Letter

David Morris author of 'Ethanol and Land Use Changes' also disputed parts of this study and another recent land use study.

Among the things that he disputes are that future increases in ethanol production efficiency weren't taken into account. He also states that the future deceases in gasoline production efficiency stemming from increased amounts of oil coming from unconventional sources such as the tar sands projects weren't considered.

Full Report


Dave said...

Great article. Did a quick write-up on my own. Let's hope this gets as much publicity as Searchinger's 'report' got...

American Biofuels said...

Great response. This study has the smell of oil money all over it.

It is truely amazing that so-called respected scientists used old data to arrive at a conclusion.

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