February 15, 2008

New study to back more ethanol in standard vehicles

State ag secretary expects results to be released by March 1.

A pending study on how higher blends of ethanol perform in conventional engines could offer a solution to the challenge of distributing greater quantities of ethanol being required by the new energy bill, according to South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Bill Even.

Even just returned from the mid-winter meeting of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture where higher ethanol blends was among the hot topics.

Even said he brought a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency about the new ethanol study being done by the state of Minnesota.

The research is taking an in-depth look at how ethanol blends of more than 10 percent alcohol are performing in non-flex fuel vehicles and the impact of emissions. Now, most vehicles can safely use 10 percent ethanol blends, but higher blends are supposed to be used only by flex-fuel vehicles.

Even said all 50 state ag secretaries signed the letter to the EPA supporting the Minnesota research.

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