March 19, 2008

Marathon to offer ethanol blended gasoline only at 16 Midwest terminals

E10 ethanol to be offered at Marathon terminalsMarathon Oil Corporation today announced that the Company will convert to 100 percent ethanol blended fuel (E-10 gasohol) at 16 of its Midwest terminals beginning May 1, 2008. Unblended gasoline products will no longer be available at the following terminals; Indianapolis (86th Street) and Muncie, Ind.; Louisville (Algonquin), Ky.; Detroit (Refinery Rack), Romulus, Niles (South), Bay City, Flint, Lansing and Jackson, Mich.; Brecksville, Lima, Oregon, Lebanon and Cincinnati, Ohio; and Milwaukee(Granville), Wis.

"Marathon is proud to announce that it will convert to 100 percent ethanol blended gasoline at these terminals," said Mary Ellen Peters, Marathon's senior vice president, Marketing. "Ethanol blended fuels help us meet the changing needs of our customers. It also supports our nation's renewable fuels goals, which were recently increased by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to nine billion gallons of renewable fuel in 2008 and 36.0 billion gallons by 2022."

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Anonymous said...

No one wants less gas mileage from there expensive over price gas. So as far as meeting the changing needs of your customers give us what we (over) pay for. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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