January 24, 2011

GreenShift Receives Notice of Allowance for Corn Oil Refining Patent

GreenShift Corporation today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a Notice of Allowance for GreenShift’s corn oil refining process.

The new notice of allowance covers refining processes that are designed to integrate directly into systems based on GreenShift’s patented and patent-pending corn oil extraction processes, on-site at ethanol production facilities.

GreenShift’s corn oil refining process drastically reduces refining times using off the shelf components, allowing smaller, integrated biodiesel systems to be built, installed and operated directly on-site at ethanol production facilities more cost-effectively as compared to larger, off-site greenfield facilities.

The new allowed patent on GreenShift’s integral refining process offers increased optionality to GreenShift corn oil extraction licensees that desire to produce more fuel from corn and further expands GreenShift's value to dry mill corn ethanol producers.

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