January 25, 2011

Terrabon Inc. Reports Successful Production Of Cellulosic Gasoline

Terrabon, Inc., announced today that it has been successful in the production of an economical cellulosic gasoline fuel blend stock by leveraging CRI/Criterion’s renewable fuel catalyst technologies.

The use of catalysts are necessary to efficiently convert inedible feedstocks like garbage, sorghum, corn stover or woodchips into renewable cellulosic gasoline, diesel and jet fuel using Terrabon’s patented acid fermentation technology, MixAlco®. These catalysts have enabled Terrabon to capture yield improvements from the MixAlco® acid fermentation process at its Bryan, Texas demonstration plant, known as Energy Independence I. In fact, Terrabon actually exceeded the target yield threshold of 70 gallons of green gasoline per dry ton of garbage that it received from the cafeteria dumpsters and paper shredders at Texas A&M University. Normally, this garbage would have been shipped to a landfill for disposal.

“Terrabon is proud to work with world-class companies such as CRI/Criterion who provide innovative solutions to foster the production of alternative energy resources such as green gasoline,” said Gary Luce, CEO, of Terrabon. “Through the use of CRI/Criterion’s renewable fuel catalyst technologies, and their global resource base, Terrabon will continue to achieve its milestones to help the United States find renewable pathways to supply its ever-growing energy demand of advanced drop in bio-fuels.”

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