March 05, 2014

2014 Chrysler Flexible Fuel Vehicles

 The following 2014 Chrysler vehicles with the engines listed are flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) capable of operating on regular gasoline, E85 or any combination of the two fuels.

3.6l Chrysler 200
3.6l Chrysler 300 FWD/AWD
3.6l Chrysler Town & Country

3.6l Dodge Avenger
3.6l Dodge Charger FWD/AWD
2.0l Dodge Dart
3.6l Dodge Durango 2WD/AWD
3.6l Dodge Grand Caravan
3.6l Dodge Journey FW
3.6l Ram 1500 2WD/4WD
3.6l Ram C/V

3.6l Jeep Grand Cherokee 2WD/FWD

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