March 05, 2014

National Algae Association Selects OriginOil Harvester for its Model Algae Demonstration Site

OriginOil Inc., developer of Electro Water Separation (EWS), the high-speed, chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water, today announced that the National Algae Association (NAA) has selected OriginOil’s entry-level algae harvester for its model demonstration site, which features best-of-breed algae production systems in permanent operation.

Jose Sanchez PiƱa, OriginOil VP of algae and aquaculture, successfully commissioned the Model 12 system at the NAA site in February with a first harvest of high-density algae concentrate.
To mark the showcase installation, Sanchez delivered a presentation on maximizing profits from algae production at the NAA’s Commercial Algae Cultivation, Harvesting, Extraction Technologies and Networking Workshop in San Francisco on February 28th.

“Frankly, we were impressed,” said Barry Cohen, NAA Executive Director. “The OriginOil harvester immediately extracted a viable algae concentrate without any of the ‘splatter’ and other side effects that other methods can cause. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best way to harvest algae efficiently, without chemicals and without destroying it. We plan to spotlight this technology in the coming months as part of the essential toolkit of the commercial algae producer.”

“We are honored that NAA has chosen our technology for its Texas demonstration site,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginOil CEO. “This all started at the NAA-sponsored tour of our facilities two years ago – when I convinced Barry Cohen to taste biocrude we made from algae! He’s practical and hands-on and that’s what our industry needs.”

NAA will demonstrate the operation and application of the Model A12 at its site every Friday beginning in March and will hold classes for students and algae producers.

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