January 12, 2009

Dynamic Fuels Renewable Diesel Plant Begins Construction

Construction has begun on the Dynamic Fuels plant in Geismar, LA. The plant will produce renewable diesel and jet fuel from animal fats such as beef tallow, pork lard, chicken fat and greases.

Dynamic Fuels is a joint venture between Tyson Foods and Syntroleum. The animal fats will be supplied from Tyson slaughterhouses. The plant, which will produce 75 million gallons per year, will employ 45 workers and is expected to begin production in the middle of 2010.

Although it states in the article that the plant will primarily use non-food grade animal fats, this is somewhat misleading since animal fats are sometimes added to livestock feeds. And even though I have no problem with any business trying to create higher value products, they have been critic of ethanol production for removing corn from the food supply just as their use of animal fats will do.

Source : Arkansas Business

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