January 13, 2009

Flometrics Tests BioDiesel As Rocket Fuel

Flometrics Inc. announced today that it had successfully tested biodiesel as rocket fuel.

Flometrics, Inc. announced today that it has successfully completed its first series of tests on a RocketDyne LR-101 rocket engine with BioDiesel as a rocket fuel. The engine was also tested with RP-1 kerosene rocket fuel from the US Air Force.

According to the article the biodiesel posted performance within 4% of that of RP-1. This could lead to more environmentally friendly rockets, but it also holds another possibility that I thought was interesting.

The use of vegetable based rocket fuel opens up the possibility of growing oil-producing crops on the moon or mars for use as stock for rocket fuel, eliminating the need of lifting the fuel from the surface of the earth.

Source : Space Travel

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