June 30, 2010

April Ethanol Production Down Slightly

U.S. ethanol production fell slightly in April. According to information from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), April 2010 ethanol production averaged more than 832,000 barrels per day (b/d). That is down from 847,000 b/d in March.

Ethanol demand, as calculated by the Renewable Fuels Association, reached an all time high at 834,000 b/d in April, up from 673,000 b/d a year ago.

EIA also reports fuel ethanol imports of 1.5 million gallons in April.

As the RFA recently reported, America is exporting ethanol at record rates. According to data from the Dept. of Commerce, Census Bureau, and the Dept. of Agriculture Foreign Ag Service, the U.S. exported 40.8 million gallons of ethanol in April.

Source : Renewable Fuels Association

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