June 20, 2010

Combining Corn, Beef, and Ethanol Production

A new South Dakota State University study explores the impacts of linking corn production, ethanol, and beef production on economics and soil sustainability.

Under the conventional production model where corn is produced and sold to an ethanol plant, the study finds that 437 gallons of ethanol can be produced per acre for and estimated profit of $139.

Integrating corn, ethanol and beef production, the study finds that 383 gallons of ethanol and 760 pounds of beef can be produced per acre for an estimated profit of $278. Using the integrated approach, distillers grains are fed to the cattle mixed with corn stover harvested from the field. The manure is returned to the field reducing fertilizer requirements.

The Impact of Linking Ethanol and Beef Production on Economics, Carbon, and Nutrient Budgets

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