August 09, 2010

ASTM Begins Work On E15 Standard

In a recent status update the EPA noted that even after E15 receives approval there are still a number of steps that need to be completed before it can be sold in the marketplace.

It’s also important to remember that there are a number of additional steps that must be completed – many of which are not under EPA or DOE control – to allow the sale and distribution of E-15. These include but are not limited to: testing on dispensing equipment; changes to state laws to allow for the use of E15; and completion of the fuels registration process by industry.

I believe what they mean by the completion of the fuels registration process by industry is the development of the necessary fuels standards. According to Green Car Congress the work on the necessary standard has begun.

ASTM is developing a revision to D4806-10, the standard specification for denatured fuel ethanol for blending with gasolines for automotive engines, in anticipation of E15 blends.

The new work item (WK29816) may respond to additional changes if required by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actions. This work item may result in a ballot ahead of the EPA actions and an additional ballot following whatever actions the EPA ultimately takes.

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