August 17, 2010

BlueFire Ethanol Changes Name To BlueFire Renewables

BlueFire Ethanol is changing it's name to BlueFire Renewables to better reflect the fact that they can produce a number of renewable fuels not just ethanol.

Through its internally-designed and third-party-developed back-end technologies, BlueFire can produce a vast array of other Biofuels, including Biodiesel, BioJet Fuel, Drop-in Directs, and more. As such, the name change and rebranding as a renewable energy company more clearly represents the many applications for which BlueFire's technology can be applied.

"BlueFire is more than just an ethanol company. We're happy to at last announce the expansion of our capabilities, and feel that this name captures our spirit for innovation and development of cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels," says Arnold Klann, CEO of BlueFire Renewables, Inc. "Our goal with this name change is to demonstrate the company's potential to vertically integrate our technology into other areas of renewable energy and help us avoid the confusion with traditional ethanol producers."

Along with the name change, BlueFire Renewables is also in the process of developing a new website which can be found at

Source : Press Release

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