August 27, 2010

Valero Begins Selling E85 In San Antonio

Valero Energy Corporation announced today that one of its company-owned Valero Corner Stores in San Antonio has begun selling E-85, a blend of fuel consisting of up to 85 percent ethanol blended with unleaded gasoline. E-85 is approved for use in “Flex Fuel” vehicles, which continue to grow in popularity with buyers of new cars and light-duty trucks.

Valero also announced plans to continue introducing sales of E-85 at new Valero Corner Stores as they’re built. The stores will continue selling all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel at its locations.

The first San Antonio store launching the sale of E-85, in a separate and clearly marked dispenser, is at 4801 Walzem Road, just east of Loop 410. The new addition to the fuels offered at Valero Corner Stores builds on increased use of ethanol throughout the United States, as mandated by the federal government. Nearly all gasoline sold at Valero Corner Stores – and all gasoline sold at the company’s San Antonio locations – already contains up to 10 percent ethanol. The new E-85 offering will meet the needs of new Flex Fuel vehicles, which are designed to run on either conventional gasoline or E-85.

“There are already millions of Flex Fuel vehicles on the road, and there’s a growing market for E-85,” said Gary Arthur, President of Valero’s Retail Division. “As Valero builds new Corner Stores, we will continue to introduce E-85 sales to satisfy this growing demand.”

Valero owns and operates nearly 1,000 Corner Stores in Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

Source : Press Release

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