March 22, 2011

United Ethanol Receives Air Permit For Biogas Project

The Air Permit was recently approved by the State of Wisconsin for United Ethanol to begin construction of the EISENMANN BIOGAS-TS Anaerobic Digester. The $6.75 million project will install an anaerobic digester and biogas boiler at the 50 MMgy United Ethanol plant in Milton, WI. EISENMANN’s BIOGAS-TS will utilize a portion of the plant’s thin stillage to improve the quality of the plant’s backset and create biogas. Improved backset quality reduces the organic content and alleviates water balance issues. The biogas generated reduces natural gas usage by 20-25% ultimately lowering the carbon footprint of the plant.

“EISENMANN has a long history of partnering with ethanol plants,” Mark West, President of EISENMANN Corporation said. “We saw an opportunity to improve recycle streams and increase efficiency with our proven global technology.”

Dave Cramer, President and CEO of United Cooperative and United Ethanol, LLC commented, “It’s a way to extract more value out of our inputs, the corn, and make the plant greener and more energy efficient. The project has an estimated four-year payback.” The system is expected to be on line by the end of 2011.

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