January 05, 2008

Corn Stover for bioethanol, a new cash crop.

Suppose someone told you that you could increase the profit from your cornfield by $20 per acre without planting anything else or changing or hurting your existing crop. And that by doing this, you would be doing greatthings for the environment and helping to fuel America as well as to feed it. Would it sound like snake oil or a late-night TV ad? (What if this was to develop a new business and jobs in your community, supported government programs, and followed clear guidelines on maintaining soil quality?) Biomass ethanol technology is still developing and important questions need to be answered about corn stover removal, but prospects are excellent for you to someday be able to harvest and sell a substantial portion of your stover for
fuel production—without hurting your soil or main corn grain operation.

This is basically what is going to happen in the new Poet Ethanol plant that is now under development in Iowa.

Many new ethanol plants are currently watching this closely as they are already setup to convert to cellulosic ethanol once the final technology has been tweaked.

Corn Stover to Bioethanol

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