January 25, 2008

Tennessee Biodiesel Plant Powered By Renewable Energy

As Hollywood popularizes the Prius and celebrates Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," the battle against global warming has gained cause celeb status. But the bulk of change has and will continue to come from outside the bright lights of Hollywood, from a handful of companies like Northington Energy, who are committed to curbing America's addiction to oil.

In its continuing effort to promote a green environment, Northington
Energy announced today that its new facility in Wartburg, Tenn., will be the first biodiesel manufacturing plant in the United States powered entirely by renewable energy. While it produces environmentally friendly biodiesel from soybeans and algae oil, the 15,000-square foot Tennessee facility - approximately 35 miles north west of Knoxville - will run on a solar power generation system and backup biodiesel generators. Both systems will have the ability to produce 100 kilowatts of highly-concentrated power.

"Our new facility in Tennessee embodies our philosophy of advancing
renewable fuels and providing low-cost energy," said Lisa Horn, Director of New Business Developments for Northington Energy. "From a company standpoint, when it's possible to produce our products with alternative energy, then we're going to go in that direction." This new plant will take a bite out of our dependence on traditional fuels by producing more than three million gallons of biodiesel each year."

Source : BioBased News

This is pretty interesting by itself, but notice the mention of algae oil in this press release. Well, if you go to the website you see that Northington Energy acquired Zenalgae, a company researching algae development back in December. They also state that they plan to install an algae bioreactor at the Wartburg facility.

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