January 13, 2008

General Motors Partnering With Coskata Inc. To Make Cellulosic Ethanol From Garbage

Rather than putting your garbage at the curb, you may soon be putting it in your gas tank.

General Motors has purchased an equity stake in Coskata Inc. of Warrenville, Ill., which has come up with a process that uses bacteria to produce E85 ethanol fuel out of garbage, scrap tires, wood chips, and even recycled foam, rubber and plastic in today's junked cars.

The exact terms and extent of GMs involvement weren't released but they did release some information about their future plans.

The first pilot plant will begin producing the fuel in the fourth quarter of this year for use in testing vehicles at GM's Proving Grounds in Michigan, and a plant producing up to 100 million gallons of the fuel for retail sale will be operational in 2011.

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