January 08, 2008

Pork Checkoff and Illinois Corn Growers Collaborate on DDGS Research

The National Pork Checkoff Board and the Illinois Pork Producers Association have announced a collaborative programme with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board aimed at improving pig feed utilisation.

Nice to see two industries which have been somewhat at odds to come together and do research that is in both of their interests.

"It’s exciting to have Illinois corn growers, through their checkoff support, collaborate with us on this important program," said Mark Boggess, director of animal sciences for the Pork Checkoff. "In the long run, we our organizations have similar goals and we are both much better off by teaming up".

He said that the consortium has devoted a lot of time and effort to ensuring that research priorities are relevant to the industry and that research project outcomes are applicable and not duplicative of someone else’s efforts. "The bottom line is that corn growers will benefit by understanding how they can make their product and byproducts better for pork producers, and pork producers will benefit by understanding how they can use co-products more efficiently," he added.

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