January 10, 2008

Quad County Corn Processors To Use Ultrasonic Process To Produce Ethanol

This is pretty interesting, Quad County Corn Processors is going to test a new ultrasonic process for ethanol production.

Quad County Corn Processors of Galva, Iowa, will partner with FCStone Carbon, LLC, to test and scale up the company’s patented ultrasonic process technology for ethanol production.

The company says that it allows for more ethanol to be extracted from the same amount of corn.

In this first scale-up effort, sonication will be applied to the cooked corn slurry produced during ethanol production. Research indicates that sonication results in a more efficient breakdown of the corn starch component and as a result, more starch is exposed, creating higher conversions than can be achieved through traditional ethanol production processes.

It will be interesting to watch how this progresses.

Full Press Release

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