September 07, 2010

DENCO Ethanol Plant Set To Reopen

The sale of the 25 million gallon per year DENCO ethanol plant in Morris, Minnesota has closed and the new owners hope to have the plant operational by October 1, 2010.

The new owners closed on the sale on Wednesday and took over the plant on Thursday. The new company will be hiring 30 employees, according to Morris attorney Warrenn Anderson, who has been involved with the ethanol plant for many years.

Financing for the new plant, DENCO II, is coming in large part from area farmers and producers. DENCO II will market directly with area producers, Anderson said.

Energetix, a company founded by Mitch Miller, a former plant manager at the CVEC ethanol plant in Benson, and Jason Jerke in 2007, will be in charge of DENCO II's operations.

DENCO’s former plant manager, Mick Miller, will operate the facility.

Source : Morris Sun Tribune

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