September 28, 2010

New Generation Biofuels Files A New Patent Application For Pyrolysis Oil Based Biofuel

Renewable fuels provider New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. (NGBF) today announced that it has filed for a patent application for their new pyrolysis oil based biofuels.

“I believe that this is truly a technical breakthrough to have a pyrolysis oil based biofuel that we can offer our customers,” stated Cary J. Claiborne, CEO and President of NGBF. “Pyrolysis oil has great potential but until now has been a technical challenge for many to incorporate into their biofuel technology. We believe NGBF’s emulsion technology is a perfect fit.”

“We have been able to readily and successfully incorporate pyrolysis oil in our emulsions with excellent results,” commented Dr. Andrea Festuccia, Chief Technology Officer for NGBF. “Many of the challenges faced by others are mitigated by our patent pending formulation technology. Through our R&D efforts we have been able to take a challenging raw material and enhance its natural properties with our technology. Customers will be able to use our pyrolysis oil based products in a multitude of applications including commercial and industrial heating, cofiring in power generation applications, and other processes where diesel and distillate fuels are used.”

Dr. Festuccia continued, “Pyrolysis oil can be made from a wide range of biological and other energy containing products that would normally be waste materials. The supply opportunities are great. Plant wastes, items normally heading to a landfill, and other waste streams that are often difficult to dispose of can now become energy sources for our biofuel formulations. Pyrolysis oil adds another differentiating advantage for us. We believe this is a significant addition to our product portfolio.”

Mr. Claiborne added, “I applaud Dr. Festuccia and his developmental team for this technology breakthrough. We add yet another viable feedstock with outstanding potential to yield lower cost, while enhancing our environmental and performance advantages by way of our formulation technology. We add value by using a potential waste stream converted to pyrolysis oil which we utilize in producing a renewable biofuel with outstanding environmental benefits. It is an exciting addition to our slate of renewable products at NGBF.”

Source : Press Release

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