September 08, 2010

Good News for Flex Fuel Vehicle Owners in the Southeast

TransMontaigne Inc. announced today that E85 will soon become available at seven of its busiest refined petroleum product terminals. E85 is a fuel blend composed of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline by volume and is designed for use in Flex-Fuel vehicles.

Until recently, E85 has been available mostly in Midwestern states that are closer to ethanol manufacturing sites. Owners of Flex-Fuel vehicles have been vocal that this environmentally friendly fuel has not been available on a widespread basis. TransMontaigne's move into E85 product supply will quickly help change that, as many more retail chains will now have a reliable local wholesale supply for this fuel from Florida through the Mid-Atlantic states.

TransMontaigne continues to invest in its comprehensive terminal infrastructure to facilitate the growth of renewable fuels. Initially, TransMontaigne terminals offering E85 will include Port Everglades and Tampa in Florida, Bainbridge and Doraville in Georgia, Greensboro and Selma in North Carolina and Norfolk in Virginia.

Ethanol, the primary component of E85, is mostly transported by rail and by vessel. TransMontaigne, a large petroleum and renewable fuel logistics and distribution company, has invested in the rail and marine infrastructure within its large terminal network to facilitate this offering. To date, TransMontaigne, which holds a BQ 9000 marketing accreditation, has been an early and progressive leader in the distribution and blending of Biodiesel, another major renewable fuel consumed in the transportation industry within the United States.

Source : Press Release


san jose truck repair said...

Are these kinds of gasoline environmentally friendly? Because if it is, I am all for it!

Michael A. Gregory said...

Yes, the use of E85 results in less particulate and carbon monoxide emissions. And it has lower life cycle carbon dioxide emissions so it doesn't contribute to global warming as much as gasoline does.

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