September 09, 2010

Ethanol Exports Rise For July 2010

After sliding in three consecutive months, U.S. ethanol exports climbed substantially in July, according to government data released today. Denatured and undenatured (non-beverage) ethanol exports totaled 25.2 million gallons, up 57% from June. In particular, denatured ethanol exports surged, with large volumes being imported once again by Brazil and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After importing U.S. ethanol early in the spring of 2010, Brazil and UAE did not import any U.S. product in May or June.

A total of 22.4 million gallons of denatured ethanol was exported in July, more than double the total from June. Canada continued to serve as the top U.S. export destination for denatured ethanol, importing 9.5 million gallons of product. Finland imported its first shipment of U.S. denatured ethanol this year, totaling 4.5 million gallons. Brazil, the Netherlands, and UAE rounded out the top five denatured ethanol importers for July.

Exports of undenatured, non-beverage ethanol continued to slide in July. Only 2.7 million gallons of undenatured product was exported, down from 5 million gallons in June. Nearly 90% of undenatured ethanol exports went to Mexico.

Total year-to-date ethanol exports for 2010 stand at 182.7 million gallons (121.7 million gallons of denatured ethanol and 61 million gallons of undenatured), meaning exports continue at a record pace. Only once in the last 20 years has the U.S. exported more ethanol than it has through the first seven months of 2010. In 1995, the U.S. exported 197.5 million gallons of denatured and undenatured ethanol.

Source : Renewable Fuels Association

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