October 27, 2010

2011 GM Flexible Fuel Vehicles

The following 2011 GM models with the engines listed are flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) capable of operating on regular gasoline, E85 or any combination of the two fuels.

3.9L Buick Lucerne

6.2L Cadillac Escalade

2.4L Chevrolet Malibu
2.2L Chevrolet HHR
2.4L Chevrolet HHR
3.5L Chevrolet Impala
3.9L Chevrolet Impala
3.0L Chevrolet Equinox
4.8L Chevrolet Silverado
5.3L Chevrolet Silverado
6.2L Chevrolet Silverado
5.3L Chevrolet Avalanche
5.3L Chevrolet Suburban
5.3L Chevrolet Tahoe
4.8L Chevrolet Express
5.3L Chevrolet Express
6.0L Chevrolet Express

3.0L GMC Terrain
4.8L GMC Sierra
5.3L GMC Sierra
6.2L GMC Sierra
5.3L GMC Yukon
6.2L GMC Yukon
4.8L GMC Savana
5.3L GMC Savana
6.0L GMC Savana

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