October 26, 2010

Aloha Petroleum Delivers First Supply of E85 in Hawaii

Aloha Petroleum Ltd. last week delivered the state's first supply of E85 fuel (a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline). The fuel was delivered to Marine Corps Base Hawaii for use in more than 70 of its flex-fuel vehicles. While E85 has been available on the Mainland since the early 1990s, this is the first time the fuel has been made available on a commercial scale in Hawaii.

"Last week's delivery is a significant milestone for the state of Hawaii and Aloha Petroleum," said Richard Parry, Aloha Petroleum president and CEO. "We've been working with the U.S. Department of Defense for the last three years on various alternative fuel projects. We're pleased to be the first Hawaii petroleum company to commit the necessary resources to supply the military with E85. We believe that the new E85 station at Marine Corps Base Hawaii will help pave the way for wider use of E85 in the Islands."

Source : CSP News

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