October 03, 2010

Sauer Energy Announces Second Patent Issued on Its Revolutionary Wind Turbine

Sauer Energy, Inc. (SEI), a BCO Hydrocarbon, Ltd. subsidiary developer and producer of home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued it Patent Number U.S. 7798766.

This patent, which brings the number of Company patents issued to two, covers the utility function of its revolutionary wind turbine blade design and its conversion of wind into useable energy. As a utility patent, it is considered more complex, more comprehensive and valuable than design patents. It is directly related to and broadens the coverage of the Company's first patent granted, a design patent for the blade design concept, Patent Number U.S. D597028S.

Additionally, the Company has filed applications and has U.S. patents pending on its unique air disruptors and air strakes -- important components of its vertical axis wind turbine.

Further, Sauer Energy is in the process of filing several more U.S. patent applications for various features of its proprietary technology as well as filing a suite of patent applications in Europe and Asia.

Commenting on the significance of the newly granted patent, Dieter Sauer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sauer Energy, said, "These patents and patents pending establish that our cutting edge technologies are protected and add substantial value to the Company's growing intellectual property (IP) estate. They also reinforce our competitive market position by erecting major barriers to entry."

"Sauer Energy's integrated, diversified multiple patent portfolio strategy creates an IP estate far more valuable and formidable than the sum of its parts. The design effect of the blade will give it a superior performance by way of capturing wind and the (utility) extraction of power," Mr. Sauer explained. "Most obvious to the casual observer, are the air disrupters on the drag side of the three-bladed turbine. The pattern on this side is to create less resistance with a boundary layer. This will create a maximum rpm with less friction. The inside of the blade itself contains air channels called strakes, which will guide the airflow and propel the captured air through a ram jet port, through the blade and on to the next blade. This uses airflow to its maximum advantage."

The Sauer Energy Turbine System is believed to be one of the most advanced technologies of its kind and is built expressly for the consumer or small to mid-size enterprises. Created with reliability and performance in mind, it is designed to give consistent results.

Source : Press Release

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