December 02, 2007

Area farmer feeds hogs ethanol byproduct

This is an interesting story our of South Dakota where a hog farmer is feeding Distillers Dried Grains (DDGs).

"Health. I keep coming back to health."

Those are the words Mission Hill hog farmer Ray Epp uses to describe his motivation for incorporating dry distiller grains (DDGs) into the feed rations for his 1,200-head pig-to-finishing operation six years ago.

Epp, who uses some of his own corn crop in the ground feed mixture he uses for his hogs, says the use of 10 percent or 20 percent distiller grain ration in his feed has improved the health of his pigs by at least 50 percent.

He goes on to say that the hogs also gain weight quicker, finish out faster and allows him to feed less corn which saves him money.

Area farmer feeds hogs ethanol byproduct

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