December 03, 2007

Robust Livestock Sector Important for Ethanol Industry

The ethanol industry and livestock production can not only coexist but can benefit each other.

“Many communities in Nebraska want an ethanol plant for the jobs and economic vitality it brings, but livestock producers, particularly cattle producers, see the plant as another source for feed,” said Randy Klein, director of market development with the Nebraska Corn Board.

In fact, Klein said, distillers grains are a versatile feed ingredient that can lower the cost of production for cattle producers. “Distillers grains have outstanding nutritional properties for cattle and can be mixed into normal rations, combined with lower-cost forages to make a great feed or even simply dumped onto cornstalk stubble for foraging cattle,” he said. “In each case, cattle performance improves and costs go down.”

Robust Livestock Sector Important for Ethanol Industry

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