December 28, 2007

Gas stations can offer different ethanol blends under pilot project

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is launching a pilot project that will allow customers to purchase gasoline containing different percentages of ethanol.

Fueling stations currently sell gas blended with either 10 percent or 85 percent ethanol, according to Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Adrian Polansky. The pilot project will allow stations to offer pumps that dispense ethanol fuel blends not currently offered, like 20 or 30 percent ethanol.

The purpose, Polansky says in a news release, is "to allow consumers to decide for themselves which blend is best for them based on price and performance."

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Considering the study I posted a while back that showed that different cars performed best on different levels of ethanol, this is a great development in that it allows each person to find the blend that works best in their cars. Now if only my state would set up a program like this.

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