December 29, 2007

Double bonus possible to dairies feeding distillers grains

Texas dairy cattle may soon be putting out more milk for consumers and bringing more dollars to their producers, fueled by an ethanol by-product, according to a Texas Cooperative Extension specialist.

Distillers grain, or the substance left after ethanol production, will increase in availability as ethanol plants begin opening in Texas in 2008, said Dr. Ellen Jordan, Extension dairy specialist in Dallas.

"As we look at the current research, we see there is a potential by incorporating distillers grains into our rations to increase milk yield, as well as feed efficiency, in the dairy cows," Jordan said.

The story goes on to say that only about 45% of diaries across the country feed with distillers grains, so there is large segment that could benefit from the lower costs and improved milk production distillers grains provide. Good to see research like this taking place so that more producers take advantage of this unique opportunity that ethanol production provides.

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