December 31, 2007

Broward's First Ethanol Shipment Arrives At Port Everglades

As I posted a few days back Florida, just recently changed their fuel rules to allow for more ethanol blending in the state. Well, I noticed an article today that talks about the first shipment of ethanol, 2.52 million gallons coming into Florida through the Port Everglades on the same day the new fuel rules were adopted. Looks like Florida is moved ahead at full speed to get ethanol into their fuel supply.

On the heels of Congressional approval and President George W. Bush signing into legislation the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, Broward County’s Port Everglades received its first shipment of ethanol fuel today.

The ethanol shipment of 2.52 million gallons will go to multiple petroleum terminals at Port Everglades. Several terminal operators are preparing for the future distribution of alternative fuels by constructing new tanks or converting existing tanks to handle ethanol and other “green” fuels.

Full Press Release

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