December 22, 2007

Biodiesel’s True Calling

This months issue of Biodiesel Magazine has a very good article on the use of biodiesel in home heating. It goes through some of the advantages and issues facing the industry and also talks about the market potential.

Armed with a list of advantages fuel oil has over its competition, this energy with an aging reputation is being repackaged for a new generation of consumers. Despite information from EIA, which states most older U.S. homes outside New England have replaced oil burners with propane or natural gas, and that oil no longer has an appreciable share of the new construction market, heating oil advocacy groups and fuel distributors bill heating oil, especially when blended with biodiesel, as clean, safe and affordable. Moreover, new systems technologies with greater utility are emerging, and may help heating oil and biodiesel gain footing as an attractive source for residential heating, air conditioning and electricity.

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