December 23, 2007

Fighting the Absurd Accusations

“Food Riots in Mexico,” “Crimes Against Humanity,” “Biofuel Bust,” “Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico.” The ethanol industry has heard it all over the last six months. It appears some in the media have treated us like a piƱata, swinging wildly while blindfolded. It has bordered on the absurd. In some corporate circles ethanol has become as convenient an excuse as “the dog ate my homework” is in grade school. Please, enough is enough.

As many of you are well aware, the industry has formed a coalition to fight back against these accusations, which stem from what we believe is a well-orchestrated, well-funded campaign by ethanol’s detractors. While our critics may have deep pockets, our industry is united and the facts are on our side. The headlines may cause many of us angst, but there is positive news: consumers appear to be tuning out the anti-ethanol drumbeat. The latest Ethanol Promotion and Information Council consumer research found that nearly one-third of respondents indicated that their attitude toward ethanol has become more favorable over the last six months. Sixty-two percent reported their opinions stayed the same.

In baseball vernacular, our opponents have swung for the fences and grounded out to shortstop.

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