November 24, 2010

Denco II Ethanol Plant Explores Using Storm Water

According to the Morris Sun Tribune, Denco II and the City of Morris are looking into using storm water in place of ground water in the production of ethanol.

The City of Morris and the DENCO II ethanol plant will attempt to team up on a project to use city storm water in ethanol production.

The Morris City Council on Tuesday directed City Manager Blaine Hill to apply for a Minnesota Pollution Control demonstration grant to determine if storm water can be used efficiently for ethanol production.

Because of grant criteria, only ethanol plants in Morris, Benson and Winnebago are eligible to apply. The grant would be a 50-50 match with the city, with up to $75,000 used for predesign and design. Of the $15,000 portion for predesign, the city and DENCO II would split the costs if the grant is approved. The design portion would only come into play if the city and DENCO II decide to eventually move ahead with the project.

The article goes on to say that the 25 million gallon per year Denco II plant has had issues with the hardness of the ground water that it currently uses. By comparison, storm water is softer and would require less treatment to make it suitable for ethanol production.

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