November 05, 2010

POET Develops Corn Oil Extraction Process

According to the latest edition of Vital magazine, POET has developed a process to extract corn oil from the distiller dried grains (DDG) that are left over after producing ethanol. They are calling the corn oil that is produced Viola!. Here is the description from their website.

POET VoilĂ ! is a low-free-fatty-acid corn oil recovered from distillers co-products. VoilĂ ! is used to produce biodiesel and can be processed further for use in oleochem products such as lubricants, motor oils and paint additives -- all of which displace petroleum-based products.

Separating the corn oil from the DDGs gives POET an additional revenue stream plus it can potentially increase the value of the DDGs.

Reducing the oil content of the DDGS also improves its flowability and concentrates its protein content. The de-fatted DDGS is potentially more marketable than DDGS containing corn oil, as this may be desirable for some animal species rations according to the EPA in its second Renewable Fuel Standards released in 2010.

Corn oil that remains in the DDGS sells for 4-5 cents per pound compared to if it is separated where it will sell for 25-30 cents per pound for industrial purposes.

The new corn oil extraction process went through an extensive pre-commercialization trial at POET Biorefining – Hudson, S. D., in 2009. According to the magazine article, POET is preparing to roll out the commercial version of the process to one of their existing ethanol plants.

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